Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Informations for people interested in voluntary service or stage or just work abroad

Some students write me for know how can they do the same experience...I know, go abroad is not easy!I mean, I did the waitress in Spain , Ireland and France and is easy find a job like this.But if you can't or if you want to do an experience in your field there are a lot of opportunity for the youth of the XXI century..You need just to know it!
I feel lucky , so I would like to share every informations about that with other students.
I suggest you for first to take advantage of an erasmus exchange(organized by the university), after you can take part to a Llp erasmus placement and do a stage in Europe.
Here the internet site for voluntary service, international service, works camps, stage
http://www.eurocultura.it/ (leonardo, stage in european insitutions)
http://www.lunaria.it(or/ .org)
http://www.iboitalia.it/ (south america and africa 1 year service)
http://www.google.it/ (youth in action)
For language course in other country I suggest you
  1. Ireland: http://www.google.it/ (Irlandando) rent house per week and english school, (delfin school is the cheapest , but you can also take part to the comunal courses for free). Don't trust in agency who promise you job...they never do that.
  2. France Alliance francaise is the best, but is the most expensive. So you can study at campus language.For the appartment,in Paris you hace just a solution...ask for a room in the university city(cite' universitarie) for cheap, but just for the summer
  3. spain barcelona cervantes school or other.There are a lot and are not to expensive.For the apartment web site (http://www.idontremeber......sorry/.....)
  4. Good luck!!!!!

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