Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Informations for people interested in voluntary service or stage or just work abroad

Some students write me for know how can they do the same experience...I know, go abroad is not easy!I mean, I did the waitress in Spain , Ireland and France and is easy find a job like this.But if you can't or if you want to do an experience in your field there are a lot of opportunity for the youth of the XXI century..You need just to know it!
I feel lucky , so I would like to share every informations about that with other students.
I suggest you for first to take advantage of an erasmus exchange(organized by the university), after you can take part to a Llp erasmus placement and do a stage in Europe.
Here the internet site for voluntary service, international service, works camps, stage
http://www.eurocultura.it/ (leonardo, stage in european insitutions)
http://www.lunaria.it(or/ .org)
http://www.iboitalia.it/ (south america and africa 1 year service)
http://www.google.it/ (youth in action)
For language course in other country I suggest you
  1. Ireland: http://www.google.it/ (Irlandando) rent house per week and english school, (delfin school is the cheapest , but you can also take part to the comunal courses for free). Don't trust in agency who promise you job...they never do that.
  2. France Alliance francaise is the best, but is the most expensive. So you can study at campus language.For the appartment,in Paris you hace just a solution...ask for a room in the university city(cite' universitarie) for cheap, but just for the summer
  3. spain barcelona cervantes school or other.There are a lot and are not to expensive.For the apartment web site (http://www.idontremeber......sorry/.....)
  4. Good luck!!!!!

Leaving the country....

Hi! This is my last post from Costa Rica!I'm in San jose' and My experience by the indigenous community is finish.I' coming back in Italy !The 5th I 'll take the airplane and I will stay two days in Cagliari for take part to the last course and for do the final evaluation.I will arrive in Verona the 8th!!!These 4 months in Costa Rica have been very difficult and sometimes I thougt"Ok, now I came back".I felt really far away aven if I have been living in foreigns countries for 3 years.My nightmare was the food , rice and beans avery day, every breakfast, every luch, every dinner.......The bed where I slept..sometimes without coach, sometimes with a lot of spider..sometimes without bed.I hace overcame all the obstacles and now I' am very satisfaited!Actually I feel ready to take part in others projects maybe a long time voluntary to widen my knowledge in human's rights field. I already apply for an interesting Ltv project in Belfond(Berne Switzerland)for work 3 months in an asilum seekers camp and for do another voluntary service in Africa with immigrants.
I told you, I need travel and discover as much as I can. During these months I learnt about Costa Rica, about indigenous groups, differents lifes way, ancients traditions and I met unforgettable people such as the Alto Guamy's community.My spanish is getting better and I can say few words in Ngobere as well, so wow!
Now it's the time of the thanks!
For first I would like thanks Assonur for choosed me even if they didn't saw me before the course; Thanks to European Union for give us this wonderfull chance to discover another country and work here ; Thanks to Padova University for promote the youth mobility and for his dynamic organization! Thanks to my english teacher , Miss Helm , for give me the possibility to set up this blog and use it as exam's material.I'm sorry but I have to thanks my self as well to hold out!!!see you, maybe in the next blog!alessia

Monday, 25 May 2009

Indigenous territory in Costa Rica

The day Columbus landed on what is today called Isla Uvita in front of Puerto Limon, more than a quarter of a million people and no less then eight different groups were living in the aerea.They are: Bribri, Cabecar,Brunka, Chorotega, Guamy, Heutar, Maleku and Teribe.They represent the 1% of the costarica 's population.

Indigenous traditions

Hi! I already read an interesting book about indigenous traditions and I would like share the contained informations with you. We are going to talk about the meaning behind the traditionals masks and la fiesta de los diablitos in Boruca.

The history of the mask composed the identity of this indigenous people.Because the main method of recording histoz in Boruca is oral ,many variations of how the masks became a part of Borucan culture have envolved. An elder of the town , Don Ismael Gonyalez, National Priye of popular culture 2002, spoke of the culturallz significant strategz in which the Borucans in particular carved masks in the form of diablitos or little devils out of the balsa in order to protect and disguise their faces , but also to frigthen the invaders.The masks vere painted od dzed using natural coloring that came from the plants and minerals such as achiote , carbon and yuca.Others members of the communty consider that the use of the masks in Boruca started after the victory over the spaniards in the form of a yearly festival in which those who died in battle are remembered and the indigenous victory is celebrated.

El juego de los diablitos The dance of the little devils)

For several centuries el juego de los diablitos , a three day long celebration of respect and festivities has taken place in Boruca from December 30th until january 2nd.Some people take the event to be a tzpe of reenactment of the battles fought against the conquistadors , battles in which thez believe that their ancestors worw mask as armor while fighting.This mask represents the indigenous fierce and the triumphant warrior who fought for the lifes of his descendents.Men of the town who wish to partecipate make devil masks and they wear traditionals clothing.For Represent the spaniards of the early 16th century, approximately ten differnet men wear a toro costume.
by line E.Galicki Boruca Ayer y hoy Los Hombres y el significado detras de las mascaras

Saturday, 23 May 2009

Volunters and students Alto Guamy

Monkeys in Alto Guamy

Working in Terraba